Appointment news: Matti Virtanen becomes VAK Oy’s Sales Director

Engineer, B.E. Matti Virtanen (45) has been appointed from 11th March 2019 as VAK Oy’s Sales Director. He shall take on the responsibility of the management of VAK’s marketing and new product sales. Matti is a member of VAK’s management board and shall report to Managing Director Ilpo Korhonen.

Ilpo Korhonen
Managing Director



Coming up! New, ecological, and energy efficient solutions for transportation equipment

We are constantly seeking new ways to develop our production more ecological and more energy efficient. In 2020 we will introduce a new structure in our transportation bodies that gives them an excellent insulation capacity, thanks to a thicker layer of insulating material. The better insulated structure has great significance to ATP classified equipment in


New security arrangements at VAK’s factory in Vahto

New security arrangements that improve traffic and security were introduced in August at VAK’s factory in Vahto. A new, large parking area outside the gate has been built for staff parking. In the future, the factory area shall be closed 24/7 and the gates shall be kept closed. Recurring traffic that is authorised in the area shall be managed with a registration identification system.


VAK’s business operations are growing strongly – HCT articulated vehicles and a new maintenance service point provide approximately 40 new jobs

The amended regulation concerning the maximum dimensions of articulated vehicles came into force on 21st January 2019. The amendment allows even longer, up to 34.5-metre articulated vehicles to be used on Finnish highways. The amended regulation has a significant effect on employment. VAK manufactures extra-long trailers and is currently recruiting dozens of new employees at its factory in Vahto. The recruitment of new employees to the new maintenance service point that is being built in Lieto is also about to begin.