VAK’s product development – always a step ahead

The core task of VAK’s product development department is to develop high-quality transport solutions, which are always a step ahead of customers’ wishes and needs.

At VAK’s own product development department in Vahto, there are more than 20 design professionals working in mechanics, electricity, brake system, hydraulics and pneumatics design. In recent years, lots of work has been carried out to improve the cargo space and trailer structures. The new VAK collection, which features improved durability, collision repairability and appearance, was created as a result of long-term development work. All the changes have been made purely in interest of the customers, so that everyday life with our equipment would be as easy and safe as possible.

3D modelling in support of design

3D printing has been utilised in the development work of the new VAK collection, where a virtual cargo space or trailer structure has been converted into a physical miniature-scale model. Designers have been able to test the functionality of new structures and mechanisms in practice with the help of 3D modelling. Customers can also familiarise in the innovative solutions of the new VAK collection with the help of the miniature-scale model.