Quality and environment

VAK Oy:n johtamisjärjestelmä on sertifioitu ISO 9001 -laatustandardilla ja ISO 14001 -ympäristöstandardilla.

Quality Policy

Quality is our common concern and an important success factor that ensures our customers’ satisfaction with our operations. The quality policy is a commitment to our customers and other stakeholders regarding all VAK’s operations. The implementation of the quality policy is
part of our everyday work, and its success requires committed management and personnel.

The staring point is the customer’s needs and expectations, the fulfilment of which is a prerequisite for VAK’s success. Quality is made by people. That is why the basic prerequisite for our operations is competent and motivated personnel. We monitor and measure the quality of our products, services and operations and are committed to continuous improvement. We are committed to working in accordance with our quality policy and expect the same from our partners.

Environmental policy

We work actively to promote sustainable development. In product design, we are constantly looking for new structures and solutions to develop energy efficiency and environmentally friendly transport equipment solutions.

In all our operations, we strive for efficient use of resources.

By reducing energy consumption and favoring the use of renewable energy, choosing environmentally friendly materials,
minimizing waste and ensuring recycling.

We comply with environmental legislation affecting our business operations and stakeholder

We work actively to continuously improve the level of environmental protection in all our operations.