Demountable bodies

Demountable Bodies for various transports

VAK demountable bodies are designed and developed according to customers’ response. This invaluable information from the user guarantees continuous development and allows us to focus on the essential.

Our demountable bodies are top of their class: precisely designed structural solutions and carefully chosen materials ensure a finished product of the highest quality. Since the elements are tailor made and of highest quality materials, our demountables are durable and easy to keep clean. VAK demountables are delivered for any transport needs. The demountable bodies are delivered fully equipped.

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Standard equipment

Food transports FNA/FRC

  • Aluminium floor
  • ATP-rated chassis FNA/FRC-rating
  • Double rear doors
  • Aluminium kickplates
  • Surface mounted or embedded lashing rails
  • Refrigerator reinforcements

Freight transport

  • Aluminium or plywood floor
  • Rustproof back gate, aluminium kickplates
  • Insulated cargo space structure
  • Steel leg trailer platform
  • Rustproof locking equipment
  • Surface mounted or embedded lashing rails

Optional equipment

Food transports FNA/FRC

  • Refrigerator (various makes and models)
  • Various partition solutions (double or triple thermal structure)
  • Double-decker loading systems
  • Fully opening side

Freight transport

  • Fully opening side
  • Double-decker loading system
  • Heater