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million euros turnover in 2023


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Nearly 600 skilled workers work at VAK with heavy duty machinery

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The transport equipment we manufacture is known in Nordic countries for its innovative technology and high quality. We have a positive outlook on the future – our order backlog is strong for years to come. For this reason, we are continuously recruiting. We need new skilled workers for various jobs both at VAK’s factory in Vahto and in the VAK Huoltopalvelut maintenance network.

VAK Oy is a pioneer in transport equipment

VAK products are already a concept on European highways. VAK has been a market leader for temperature-controlled transport equipment solutions in Finland for several years with its market share than exceeds 50%. We design and manufacture e.g. trailers, cargo compartments, demountable bodies, V-Sliders that link two semi-trailers, dollies, demountables and hooklifts.

VAK Huoltopalvelut

Nationwide VAK maintenance service

VAK is the only manufacturer in Finland that has its own maintenance service network, which consists of maintenance service points located in seven different municipalities.

The VAK Maintenance service points are located along Finland’s main roads. All the localities offer diverse maintenance services for heavy-duty transport equipment. Some of the localities have their own washing facilities and an ATP periodic inspection service.

VAK Huoltopalvelukartta

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