New security arrangements at VAK’s factory in Vahto


New security arrangements that improve traffic and security were introduced in August at VAK’s factory in Vahto. A new, large parking area outside the gate has been built for staff parking. In the future, the factory area shall be closed 24/7 and the gates shall be kept closed. Recurring traffic that is authorised in the area shall be managed with a registration identification system.

Visitors, customers arriving for maintenance services, and suppliers

When arriving to the factory area, observe the following instructions:

  • Call the number indicated at the main gate. The centre shall open the gate and inform your arrival to the contact person of the visit.
  • There is an area map at the gate which indicates e.g. the visitor parking places, places for customers arriving for maintenance services, and for suppliers. Please note that there is a general speed limit of 20 km/h in the area.
  • Please only move around in the area with the host unless otherwise agreed.
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas.
  • Please ask for permission to photograph and record videos.

Personal protective equipment in the factory halls:

  • Safety glasses.
  • Safety vest.
  • Ear protection in noisy areas.
  • Possible additional protection in construction site areas.

The host of the visit shall indicate the location where you can find any necessary protective equipment before entering the factory halls.
The safety of visitors has also been improved with real-time presence lists. Data to the lists is transferred via the pedestrian gate and the registration identification system. The real-time lists are of paramount importance in case of e.g. fires, when checking who is present.

Parking area

● A new parking area outside the gate has been built for staff.

Area map

● Visitor parking places have been indicated on the area map which can be found in connection with the main gate.

More information concerning security issues:
Safety Manager Matti Niemelä, tel. 020 7656 321,