VAK Hooklift – It really works!

VAK LK26-hooklift is a completely restuctured construction with new innovations combined to former, tried-and-tested functions.

The new LK26-hooklift is controlled by VAK Servo -control unit. The strong auxiliary cylinders and support grids guarantee a steady and reliable tipping. The rollers in the auxiliary cylinders reduce friction caused by the moving platform.

The hydraulic tubes and valves are constructed to enable the free flow of large amounts of oil. The oil container is located behind the cab and it has a place for the hooklift's boom. This enables the installation of the device close to the cab and the distribution of gross weight is optimized.

Standard equipment:

  • Outside controls
  • Remote control
  • Free fall
  • Continuous speed control
  • Auxiliary cylinders with relief rollers
  • Automatically slowed downfall

Optional equipment:

  • Hydraulic folding boom
  • Valve that recognises adjustable volume pump

VAK delivers hooklifts mounted on vehicles in all gross weight classes. We manufacture and install hooklifts by special order as well.

"VAK's new LK-series hooklifts are definately constructed and manufactured according to the users' needs. This is a strong and reliable device that is guaranteed to work!"
Heikki Eerikäinen, Eerikäinen Transport

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