Our operating method

Our operating method


SafetyThe objective of VAK’s safety operations is to safeguard people, property, information, reputation and the environment from accidents, damages and crime, as well as proactively ensure that operations run without interferences. Safety is a natural part of our business operations, and an issue that concerns all our employees. Each of us is responsible for the safety of our own work and operations.

We train our staff to operate in accordance with our safety principles and to report any deviations. VAK’s management team is committed to develop safety, monitor the achievement of safety-related objectives as well as confirm any necessary changes to be made to safety policies. We observe local and national laws and regulatory guidelines in all our operations.



QualityThe high-quality level of products is a key guiding factor in VAK’s operations. In addition to the quality of products, we also focus on developing the quality of operations and procurements. The quality of operations refers to the quality of services, availability and delivery reliability.

Examples of VAK’s quality actions:

  • The high-quality and custom-sized body elements are manufactured at our own element factory in Vahto.
  • The production process includes various inspections and each product that is manufactured at the factory passes through the final inspection department before it is delivered to the customer.
  • We continuously develop and train our staff by means of on-the-job learning, training courses and career development.
  • Professional partnership. We are familiar with our customers’ transportation needs and business operations – we can offer just the right equipment solution.
  • We are constantly developing our operations in accordance with the requirements of a changing business environment.



EnvironmentVAK Oy’s objective is to manufacture heavy duty machinery’s transport solutions in a professional and high-quality manner without causing unnecessary harmful effects on the environment. In our opinion, quality and environmental protection supplement each other in operations.

At VAK, we use as few operating methods and materials as possible that cause harmful effects on the environment. The responsible management of environmental issues is an integral part of our values, which the management team and all VAK’s staff are committed to.

Examples of VAK’s environmental actions:

  • As much recyclable material as possible is used in the production processes.
  • Energy economy and user safety is considered in the procurements of machinery and equipment. We prefer domestic manufacturers in both material and machinery procurements.
  • Environmental issues have been considered in waste management and recycling. There are presses and skips in the yard areas of the localities. All waste is sorted into the correct skips and liquid waste is delivered to be disposed in an appropriate manner.
  • LED technology has been used in the lighting solutions of all new business facilities.