E-invoicing addresses

Our e-invoice operator is MAVENTA and their operator ID is 003721291126.

If you submit invoices via online banking as e-invoices, our operator is Danske Bank and their operator ID is DABAFIHH.


VAK Oy, Business ID: 0636524-6
EDI code/e-invoicing address:

VAK Oy, Lapinlahti office
EDI code/e-invoicing address:

VAK Huoltopalvelut Oy, Business ID: 1550278-3
EDI code/e-invoicing address:

  • Seinäjoki office, 003715502783004
  • Jyväskylä office, 003715502783003
  • Lieto office, 003715502783012
  • Vahto office, 003715502783002
  • Tampere office, 003715502783005
  • Oulu office, Voudintie 003715502783006
  • Oulu office, Oritkari 003715502783009
  • Vantaa office, Suokallionkuja 003715502783010
  • HP Central warehouse 003715502783011

Vaki-Maalaus Oy, Business ID: 0984999-1
EDI code/e-invoicing address:


The invoices’ reference details must indicate the locality to which the goods have been delivered as well as the person’s name, who made the order. VAK Group’s payment term is 30 days unless otherwise agreed.

Our contact person concerning e-invoicing is Mika Varjo mika.varjo@vak.fi puh. +358 20 7656 330. We kindly ask you to inform us your own EDI code before you send any e-invoices.

If you are unable to send e-invoices, you can send the invoices as PDF files by email to ostolaskut@vak.fi.