Cooperation with educational institutes

Cooperation with educational institutes

We participate in several recruitment fairs. In the photo on the left Maintenance Manager Ilkka Hakkarainen, HR Expert Laura Runola and Foreman Timo Vuorila at Turku RekryExpo (04/19).


We wish to cooperate with various educational institutes, because students are important future employees for us. Where possible, we offer internships and diploma work subjects to students interested in the industry, as well as organise the opportunity for student groups to visit our company.



Are you a student and would like an internship at the VAK Group? Please contact us using the following form, and we will continue discussions. We would like to share our know-how and offer students the opportunity to familiarise in the industry’s work duties already while studying. Internships often open paths to be employed in various positions of our company.



Are you interested in working with heavy-duty equipment, but you do not have a relevant qualification? We also offer apprenticeships for people interested in the industry. An apprenticeship involves learning that takes place at the workplace, which is supplemented with theoretical studies organised at an educational institute. You can complete the entire degree, or part of the degree, as an apprenticeship. We pay the apprentice a salary in accordance with the relevant collective agreement.

Apprenticeships are available for almost all vocational degrees and specialised vocational degrees. Studies at a university of applied sciences cannot be completed as an apprenticeship.

Please ask about an apprenticeship by submitting the following form.


Diploma work

Where possible, we offer diploma work subjects for students of different industries. Please contact us using the form below, if you are interested in completing diploma work for VAK.



Several dozens of educational institute groups visit us each year. If you are interested in familiarising in VAK’s factory in Vahto, you can submit your visitation wishes by using the following contact form. We will contact you once your visitation wishes have been processed.


Trade fairs

We are happy to attend fairs that are organised at educational institutes to present our operations and paths to being employed by us. We also participate in many recruitment fairs. Feel free to come and meet us and we can talk more!


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